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Jacklord Tomas (b. 1983) is a designer and painter from Honolulu, Hawai’i. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Jacklord holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Woodbury University, Burbank, California, and a Bachelor's in Industrial and Product Design from The Art Institute of California Hollywood. His education and professional experience in Hawai’i, Latin America, Southern California and Europe have been very influential in his approach to abstract painting and functional design concepts.

Jack incorporates a beguiling language of color and light in his application, often stressing texture in his works on canvas and paper. The result is a transcendent dialogue between place, space, scale, often suggesting specific locations from his travels. The work embodies the struggle and void necessary for vitality and existence to thrive, bringing the immediacy of the moment to the viewer.

The work welcomes the one into a sensory relationship, encouraging contemplation of the past together with directness of the present, sharing a personal vision for the future. His process allows for life to be invigorating and endearing.


Woodbury University
Bachelor, Architecture

The Art Institute of California - Hollywood
Bachelor, Industrial Design

Los Angeles Valley College Manufacturing Academy
Certificate of Completion
February - March 2018


Getty Images Contributor 2020 - Present


Pancakes & Booze
Los Angeles, CA
October 2014

Pancakes & Booze
Los Angeles, CA
April 2015

Pancakes & Booze
Los Angeles, CA
November 2015

2nd Street Cigar Lounge
Los Angeles, CA
January 2015

2 person exhibition
Los Angeles, CA
September - October 2016


Scapes Exhibition

Carter Sexton Gallery

Los Angeles, CA

February 2019

California Open 2019
TAG Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
August 2019

Kavanagh Gallery
(Artwork accepted)
St. Charles, Illinois
September - October 2019

Ad Astra
The V Wineroom West Hollywood
Solo exhibition
West Hollywood, California
March - June 2020

Gallerium Gallery

Group Exhibition


May - June 2022

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